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When starting a large hardscape project you need something with a little extra power. A mini excavator may not sound very forceful, but the small, sturdy build will be exactly what you need; it will even work effectively in small spaces. Due to its narrow frame, mini excavators can fit into tighter spots while still working to help you dig deep holes or lift large objects, like trees. 

Many people only associate an excavator with its ability to dig, however, the mini excavator is capable of even more due to its other attachments. Mini excavators are especially appreciated by landscapers in yards in need of land management like brush clearing, mulching, and brush cutting which is made possible with attachments like mulching heads and brush cutters. 

The mini excavator is capable of many different jobs which is why many landscapers have made it a part of their company. Excavators, with their different attachments, make it easy to complete various tasks, but they also make it easier on the landscapers. Whether they are digging a hole for a pool or moving boulders for a retaining wall, excavators help to physically protect workers.

If you have a yard project that seems overwhelmingly large, call Bruin Landscaping and we’ll be on our way with our mini excavator. Excavators are especially useful if you are cleaning up debris in your hard or if you need to get digging. You’ll be impressed by how much work the mini-excavator and our skilled operator can do, even in a small yard. Even with large projects, the mini excavator makes it look easier and gets the work done faster. Contact us today for any questions you may have about our excavating services.

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