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Proper water drainage is essential to control water erosion and damage to homes and yards. Retaining walls help to manage ground slopes to drain water and control runoff while holding back soil. There are different options you can use when building a retaining wall, like treated wooden timbers, concrete blocks, or rocks. These walls can become both a functional and aesthetic part of your yard. 

When it comes to installing a retaining wall, we suggest you let professionals handle it. Experts will see to it that the retaining walls installed are specially designed for your yard and drainage needs. Depending on the type of soil, sand, or clay and what it is supporting will determine the type of retaining wall you need. Well-designed retaining walls should last through floods, earthquakes, and climate changes. Professionals know what elements to look for to help you make the decision. 

While retaining walls may seem expensive, they are more affordable than the potential damage to your home and property if you don’t install them. Retaining walls help protect you and your home and can even lower the cost of your home insurance. Plus, retaining walls, when installed correctly, should last a long time. If there is some damage to the wall, Bruin Landscaping can help you repair the wall and save you from replacing it. 

At Bruin Landscaping, we will consult with you about the best placement for walls and how they can enhance your yard. We can also make repairs to existing structures or tear out old ones. Contact Bruin Landscaping for all your retaining wall needs.

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