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Sod is rolls of grass held together by its roots and a piece of thin, biodegradable material. People roll sod onto prepared lawns to avoid growing grass from seed. Sod establishes a lawn quickly and, with the help of landscapers, is easy to install. While a seeded lawn takes months to appreciate and walk on, a sod lawn can tolerate foot traffic much sooner, and you can easily appreciate the quick results. 

Seeded grass needs much more time, maintenance, and care than sod, which is why many people prefer it, not to mention sod has a better success rate. Seeded grass needs plenty of sun, warmth, and protection from feet and birds to ensure that it will grow well. Plus, weeds are more likely to grow along seeded grass than in sod. However, no matter how you grow your lawn, it will still be susceptible to weeds and damage and will need water and other maintenance. 

At Bruin Landscaping, we know the kind of care and attention a yard needs to grow. So, when it comes to installing sod, we’re experts. You can rest assured that we will provide you with the best value sod installation and service. Our team works to thoroughly remove all existing grass and weeds in the installation area, mark sprinkler heads, and to treat the soil to promote healthy root growth from the sod. Our process ensures a longer and healthier life for your lawn. If you have questions about our sod installation services or whether sod is right for your lawn, give us a call.

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